Published Work


A National Obsession” – Mail and Guardian Thoughtleader

귀엽다 Korea: The World’s (second) Cutest Nation” – Chincha?! 

“Teacher Small Face: On Beauty in South Korea”Matador Network

“Gangnam Style Antwoorde” – Mahala

“Nearly Nude in Colourful Daegu” – Chincha?!

“Anything but Comfort for the Almost-Extinct Halmonis” – Worldette

“Korea’s Animal Casualties” – Chincha?!

“Miss Korea Contestants: Freezing the GIF” – Memeburn

“#YouKnowYoureSouthAfricanWhen: can hashtags shape a nation’s story?” – Memeburn

“Korea’s Dying Students” – Groove Korea

“In Tokyo, the Sex Finds You” – Matador Network

“Mourning Mandela Far From Home”Matador Network

“Finding Jeong in South Korea”Matador Network

“How not to look like an idiot in Korea”Matador Network

The Adoption Generation: Tracing an Unknown Past” – Groove Korea

A Silent Sacrifice for South Korea’s Single Moms; A Human Cost for All” – Groove Korea


My South Korean Mouth” – ZenKimchi

“Ice in my Noodles” – ZenKimchi

“These Three Teas of Orient Are”ZenKimchi

“The Growing Fame of Duck in Pumpkin”ZenKimchi

“A Day in King Crab Vegas”ZenKimchi

“A Tale of Two Tongues: Pairing Wine with Hansik” – ZenKimchi

“Korea’s Collective Belly” ZenKimchi

Confessions of a Kimchi Craver” – ZenKimchi

Want to work with me?

I am currently available to work on freelance writing and editing projects. You can check out more of my clips here, and a full portfolio of my journalistic work is available on request. If you would like to work with me, please contact me on devalee[at]theculturemuncher[dot]com

4 responses to “Published Work

  1. This is impressive! I just found your blog today, but I already like your writing a lot. I’m curious – how have your posts gotten so much attention?

    • Hi Taft! We actually met once in Daegu very early into our time in Korea, but I’ve since moved to Gwangju.

      I don’t think my posts get much attention actually, haha, except for my article on perceptions of beauty in South Korea. That seems to be a very poignant issue online at the moment. With regards to my published pieces, in each case I approached the site directly. Swing me an email if you’d like to chat further.

      I’ve read your blog in the past, and really enjoy the slices of expat life you post. Happy writing!

      • Oh no! I’m sorry if I forgot you – I guess I can’t keep up with all of the people I’ve met here. So many new faces.

        Anyway, I’d like to hear more. I’ll shoot you an email soon. Keep up the great writing!

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