One Shot: Image or else

Prior to the Dalgubul Marathon last Sunday, runners received this information booklet in the mail:

Dalgubeol Marathon

One of the ads in the book was for these guys:

Joseph Plastic Surgery

Only in Korea is plastic surgery so commonplace that you’d find it advertised in a marathon information booklet. Admittedly, the race was in Daegu, a medical tourism and plastic surgery hub, which makes the association between running and plastic surgery all the more understandable. Image is paramount in South Korea, and running marathons is the least of what people will do to achieve a desirable appearance. Ironically, not many women run in Korea, not even on treadmills in the gym. When I asked a Korean colleague why women didn’t like to run, she said: “It doesn’t look good.”

No wonder the winner of the women’s half marathon broke the ribbon wearing full make-up (red lipstick included) and sleek, fashionable gear. She looked flawless.

Update 1: This Korea Herald cover story comments on the “explosive pace” at which the cosmetic surgery industry is growing.

Update 2: I went searching for pics of the winner of the women’s half marathon, and discovered I was mistaken. It was the woman who came third that broke the tape in lipsticked glory. 

6 responses to “One Shot: Image or else

  1. I always wondered about that… everyone obsessed with being skinny but not interested in actually running, the easiest way to lost weight.

    Wish I could have seen that half marathon finish.

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