Ofter Splitary Summers and False Bloors Blighted

Living in a country in which is so culturally different from my own, I have often found curios in the most seemingly-mundane  places. (For instance, I have come across many edible artifacts at my local food shop.) On a recent trip to an underground market, I bought a dress and – unbeknownst to me – took home a rather poetic shopping bag.

Poetic Konglish in your average shopping market.

This Konglish creation sounds like something you would find in a Lewis Carrol anthology. The full “poem” read:

Lon quitly Cames long in time
of ter splitary Summers
and false bloors blighted
Lave slowly comes
Snow inguiring through
frozen water through night
like stars each flke
steady readving tgrough

I turned to the internet for further clues. The slogan is a misspelled version of a poem by Gloria Vanderbilt called “Love Quietly Comes”:

love quietly comes
long in time
after solitary Summers
and false blooms blighted

love slowly comes
snow inquiring through
frozen water
through night
like stars reaching through

quietly slowly
shafts of wheat
underground love is
heat is
slow quiet
like snow
reaching down then up

love slips into roots
quietly the seed
sprouts shoots
slow as moon swell

Interestingly, apart from some old blog posts about the same shopping bag (which has been boggling minds since at least 2006), the poem is not featured on any English sites. It is, however quite popular on Korean sites. Somewhere between the multiple translations of the text from English to Korean and back again this Konglish gem got printed on hundreds or thousands of retail bags – all the better to delight an ex-literature student on a Saturday afternoon.

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One response to “Ofter Splitary Summers and False Bloors Blighted

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