Edible Curios

South Korean food is distinct to say the least. From traditional dishes to popular food products, there is nowhere else that could offer my taste buds an experience quite like this one. Even for a fusion-food lover like me, the Korean palate is jarring at first. Sugar-covered garlic bread and tomatoes in ice-cream sundaes are some oft-bemoaned examples.

On the Edible Curios page, The Culture Muncher gets literal as I give you a snapshot of some edible artifacts that I have stumbled upon.

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2 responses to “Edible Curios

    • It depends on the product, but there is often a name or tagline in English somewhere on the packaging. But all details, including ingredients and directions are in Korean. So if I don’t understand the Hangul (alphabet) and don’t know exactly what is in the product or how to use it, I could be in for a very confusing and surprising experience. Buying cleaning products is quite an adventure!

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