Edible Curios: A Green Monday

Monday is flavoured milk day at GangDong High School. This keeps both students and teachers smiling on an otherwise grumpy morning. One particular Monday, I got a carton featuring pictures of bright green legumes. Having been in Korea for a little while, I was not surprised by this seemingly unusual combination of ingredients. I have come to learn that South Koreans have a palate quite different from my own. Nonetheless, I wanted to confirm my observations. “Pea-flavoured milk?” I asked a colleague. After scrunching her eyebrows in an expression that implied “Why on earth would you think that?”, Kyong Suk said “No. Black bean soy milk”.

Of course, how silly of me.

Later on, I picked up some dinner at my local pizza joint and was confronted by another green incongruence. All pizzas in the place were made with “Green Tea Well-Being Dough”. Pizza that is also health food? As Grace Meng mentions in her blog, “well-being” became a popular adjective in South Korea, where the healthiness of a certain product largely factors in the way it is marketed, and – hilariously enough – the trend has extended to fast food.

Those who can read Hangul will spot the mention of “Green Tea Wellbing Dough” in the top right-hand corner of the box.

Expecting disaster, I peeked into the box and tasted a slice before leaving the pizza place. It was unexpectedly yummy. (Expats in South Korea will know that finding a pizza to suit Western tastes is quite tricky.) I grinned as I headed home to settle in to a dinner of black soybean milk and Green Tea pizza. This must be real life.

A green Monday in Daegu, South Korea

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One response to “Edible Curios: A Green Monday

  1. I noticed this for the first time ever yesterday and grimaced…and then realised I’d eaten it before! It IS yummy. Green tea ice cream is hit and miss, ditto with the cake.

    At least it’s not redbean invading your cream pastry. Bleargh!

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