Here’s what happened next…

I moved to South Korea. This place has a skin of its own.

I drink Pocari Sweat and eat a lot of seaweed.

I work at GangDong High School and live in Kaksan.

Women keep their names when they get married but they don’t smoke in public.

In all business meetings, my collar is high but my shoes are off.

There is a pub two streets from me, which is next door to a church.

This must be real life.

Before turning this into a travel blog, I went down a proverbial sinkhole trying to think up the perfect angle. Was it food, politics or the arts that I should focus on? Off the page, I found it impossible to separate them, since I am experiencing all these fascinating aspects of this country at once.

So here lies the story of my journey, as it happens.

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5 responses to “Here’s what happened next…

  1. Start with Tales of the City…was first published in San Fransisco…..serialised in a local newspaper….brilliant story and awesome style….will take you half and hour and you will be hooked.

  2. Collar up, shoes off…thats my girl! So glad you stopped worrying about the angle…I think it will naturally evolve.

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